Good News | Le Méridien Zhongshan won 3 high-end design awards in Asian-Pacific region

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The A&D Trophy Awards event ceremony, hosted by famous Asian-Pacific design media PERSPECTIVE, was held successfully in Hong Kong Taikoo Place On Dec. 2nd, 2019. BLVD's hotel design work "Le Méridien Zhongshan" stood out over a thousand of other participating projects and was awarded Professional Interior Design Hotel & Resort - Excellence.

As of now, Le Méridien Zhongshan has won the most well-known Asian-Pacific design awards in Hong Kong , Taiwan and Japan. The project has already been awarded Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award and Japan Kukan Design Awards. 

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Design Award in Asian-Pacific region
『 Hong Kong A&D Trophy Awards 』

Founded by PERSPECTIVE in 2004, A&D Trophy Awards aims to reward and show the remarkable architectural, interior and product design in Asian-Pacific region. Excellent local and international judges strictly select the best performers based on art value and design standard. The competition for the award is so fierce that it's considered as Asian top design prize.

『 Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award 』

Established in the year of 1981 and hosted by Taiwan Design Center,   Golden Pin Design Award is the longest, most famous and prestigious professional design competition in Taiwan. The purpose of the award is to enhance Chinese design industry development, present Chinese region's colorful cultures and improve the design industrial quality to promote Chinese design stepping into the global platform.

『 Japan Kukan Design Awards 』

Kukan Design Awards is the most significant award in space design field and was formed by a merger of two Awards, DSA Design Award founded in 1966 ( hosted by Japan Design Space Association) and JSD Design Awards in 1974 (hosted by Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association).  Taking current serious social issues into consideration, Kukan Design Awards hopes to create new space value by the power of design and encourage wide communications among the world.

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Winning works
『 Le Méridien Zhongshan 』

BLVD always treat entrusted projects with good-will and resolution by exploring the past of the city and savor locally exclusive human and social cultures, the design approach perfectly aligned with “Destination Unlocked”, the brand idea of Le Méridien.

The design unveils the cultural glamour of this historic town with new visions, throwing guests to the past when the city was called Heung-san. Inspired by “mountains”, it infuses fun and excitement into the hotel and arouses curiosity and a spirit of adventure with French elegance of Le Méridien.

The designers present the characters of Heung-san, in a minimal and special French approach, subtly introducing contemporary aesthetics into this time-honored city. The encounter of old Heung-san and new Zhongshan is an earnest answer to hope for the future, driving the eternal exploration of urban mysteries by human kind.

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